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How long will I receive my FIT payments for?
For Solar Photovoltaic the Feed-IN-Tariff is payable for 20 years.


What return on my investment can I expect?
Tariffs are set taking into consideration the technology costs and expected electricity generation, with an approximate rate of return of between 5 - 10%. This investment is index-linked and tax free for 20 years.


Will the Solar System work on cloudy days?
Yes, although the panels work best at full sunlight, on an overcast day your system will produce about half the energy it would under full sunlight.


How is the system connected to the National Grid?
This will be done as part of the installation. Permission is required to connect a system to the distribution network but this is not usually required for any system up to 4kWp.


How will I get paid the Feed In Tariff payment?
You will receive your payment from your electricity supplier by personal cheque/BACS when they receive your generation meter readings each quarter.


What do I need to do with meter readings?
Your electricity supplier will ask for your meter readings from your generation meter each quarter. This will enable them to to calculate your FIT payment.


What do I need to do once my system is installed?
Nothing. We will contact your electricity supplier on your behalf to advise them of the system installation. We also complete and post all required paperwork to your energy provider.



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